You can help protect your landscape in February by avoiding unnecessary traffic over frozen or thawing grass.

There are still seven more weeks of winter on the calendar, but before you know it, spring will arrive again. This means your lawn and landscape needs will increase exponentially. By taking the steps now you can save yourself excessive work come spring.


Inspect Your Landscape

Your trees and shrubs have been experiencing winter weather for some time now. this means you’re going to want to check up on everything.  It is recommended to prune ornamental tree and shrubs from winter damage and continue taking precautions to protect trees and shrubs before expected freezes. You want to take any precautions you can to ensure your property bounces back quickly come spring.


Check Your Lawn

While your landscape in February may look dormant, there is still some things you can continue to address. You can take care of emerging weeds with a post-emergence herbicide. There are also some grasses and weeds such as Japanese stilt grass that require early treatments of pre-emergent herbicide to help control. Another important note we can’t preach enough is to stay off the lawn when frozen ground begins to thaw. Traffic on semi thawed lawns cause more damage than traffic on frozen lawns. Depending on the type of winter you’re having it is possible you may notice tunnels throughout your lawn. This is a sign of voles and we recommend reaching out to us for an evaluation on this. Finally you make begin to notice snow mold forming in certain areas of your lawn. This is a relatively simple thing to take care of but if you have any questions, we are always here answer at Lawn Specialties.  


Too Do’s Before Spring

Regular cleanup and maintenance are recommended before spring arrives. This will help your lawn bounce back quickly and look its best. There may be a few tasks you can do now such as:

  • Sharpening your lawnmower blades.
  • Picking up and disposing of winter debris.
  • Starting up your lawn equipment to make sure they are running smoothly and are ready to work in the spring.
  • You can also begin to plan out any seeding you may want to do in the spring.
  • You can also create a list of goals for your lawn and landscape this year, so you can know what equipment, seeds, or tools you may need to gather before springtime. y