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Tree & Shrub Care

Our Tree and Shrub Care Program was developed to ensure the health of your landscape.

Early Spring: Using Dormant Oil, we will cleanse your trees and shrubs of insects that were living in them over the winter. We’ll put Pre-Emergent Weed Control on shrub beds to prevent weak growth during this crucial time, and then use and Deep Root Fertilizers to help them come out of dormancy quickly.

Spring/Summer/Fall: We will protect your trees and shrubs from insects and diseases during all three seasons.

Fall: We will re-fertilize using Deep Root Fertilizers to prepare the trees and shrubs for the winter. We’ll then protect the plant over the winter using an Antidesiccant-Spray.

Additional Services include:  Arborjet Tree Healthcare, Mauget Tree Injection, Mosquito Fogging, and more!

Shrub bed
Fertilizers can stimulate growth and improve the color and appearance of plants.
Monthly Plans

Tree and Shrub Package

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Tree Spraying


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Tree & Shrub Program includes:

  • Application 1- Dormant Oil
  • Application 2- Insect and Disease
  • Application 3- Insect and Disease
  • Application 4- Insect and Disease
  • Application 5- Fall Deep Root Fertilizer
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