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29 Sep

A Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Care in October in PA & NJ

Introduction to October Lawn Care As autumn's brisk breeze sweeps through Pennsylvania, it's time to adapt your lawn care routine...

Dew on the grass in the morning
01 Sep

September Lawn Care: Tips for a Lush and Healthy Yard

As the summer heat begins to wane and the days grow shorter, September offers a fantastic opportunity to give your...

31 May

Reviving Your Dry and Burnt Lawn: Essential Tips for Restoration

A lush, green lawn is a source of pride for homeowners, but sometimes the summer heat can take its toll, leaving...

01 May

Managing May’s Dandelion Invasion: Tips to Keep Your Lawn and Garden Weed-Free

May is the time of year when dandelions start popping up in lawns and gardens all across the country. While...

12 Apr

Lawn Diseases in Spring and How to Prevent Them

Introduction: What Causes Lawn Diseases in Spring?Lawn diseases are one of the most common problems that homeowners face in the...

06 Mar

Preparing Your Lawn For Spring

Preparing your lawn for the spring will take some cleanup on your part. With the snow melting, you may notice...

01 Feb

What You Can Do for Your Landscape in February

You can help protect your landscape in February by avoiding unnecessary traffic over frozen or thawing grass.There are still seven...

Weatherly Youth Soccer Team
02 Dec

Weatherly Youth Soccer League

Weatherly Youth Soccer League Here at Lawn Specialties we pride ourselves on giving back to our community. We are always...

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every product we use has been EPA approved. We follow the label on every product we use to ensure the safest results possible.

No, we do not require anyone to be home during applications. Are technicians will leave the invoice on your door with instructions and advice. They will also leave a flag in the yard visibly showing an application has been made.

That depends, dry fertilizer and many of our other products need to be watered in so technically speaking rain is the best thing for that. Our weed control does contain a biding agent to help stick even in the rain. If we get a heavy rain immediately after an application is made there is a possibility some of the product may wash off. The best thing to do is wait 10-15 days and if you don’t see results, we recommend calling into our office.

The best time to fertilize is in the spring and fall when turf is actively growing. We also apply a winterizer that needs to be applied once grass begins to go dormant. Ideally this is November into early December.

We have multiple ways to pay. You can pay by sending your invoice in with a check, cash, or card number. You can also call our office and they will gladly help you with the process, or you can create an account inside our customer portal and pay online. 


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