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Flea & Tick Control in Hazleton, PA

Fleas and ticks are not just nuisances; they are carriers of diseases that can pose serious health risks to both humans and animals. At Lawn Specialties, we offer comprehensive flea and tick control services in Hazleton, PA. Our program is designed to create a safe, pest-free environment for your loved ones. We use only kid and pet-safe yard sprays so you can have peace of mind about your family’s well-being.

While pest applications will reduce or eliminate disease-carrying fleas and ticks for the entire season, it can also control other surface-dwelling insects, such as ants, armyworms, aphids, mites, and mosquitoes. Enjoy a pest-free yard by contacting our specialists today.

We Control Fleas and Ticks in Eastern Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey

Are you worried that the fleas and ticks in your area are taking over your space? Protect your family and pets from infections by scheduling flea and tick control services with our professionals in Hazleton, PA. Our service area expands across the following locations:

  • Lehigh County, PA
  • Allentown, PA
  • Bethlehem, PA
  • Dallas, PA
  • Easton, PA
  • Lehighton, PA
  • Pocono, PA
  • Scranton, PA
  • Stroudsburg, PA
  • Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Bergen County, NJ
  • Hackensack, NJ
  • Norwood, NJ
  • Old Tappan, NJ
  • Paramus, NJ
  • Tenafly, NJ
Expert Tip From Travis

The best time of year to start your flea treatment would be in early spring, before they start coming out in full force.
Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitos are a nuisance.
Here at Lawn Specialties our family works hard to keep yours safe.

Flea and Tick Prevention Services

Flea and tick prevention begins with a detailed assessment of your yard. Our specialists will identify areas where these pests are likely to breed and thrive, such as tall grasses, shrubs, and leaf piles. We will then apply a flea and tick yard spray and use other preventive measures to deter these pests from infesting your yard. If you already have fleas and ticks in your outdoor space, we can use targeted applications for getting rid of the pests.

Flea and Tick Treatment for Lawns

Killing fleas, ticks, and their eggs is crucial to preventing a full-blown infestation. Our tick and flea treatment program involves the use of powerful solutions that kill pests on contact. Our tick spray is formulated with natural and pet-friendly ingredients that are safe for your family and pets but lethal to pests.

Benefits of Flea and Tick Control Services for Your Home in Hazleton, PA

You worked hard to create the backyard of your dreams. You don’t want to see your carefully placed patio furniture, meticulously planted flowers, or expertly installed swimming pool go to waste due to a flea or tick infestation. Unfortunately, if these insects are not properly controlled, they can take over your outdoor living space and put your family and pets at risk of infections. With this concern in mind, you won’t be able to relax in your own yard. For this reason, and many others, you should consider scheduling flea and tick control services for your lawn in Hazleton, PA.

Protect Your Health

Ticks are known to carry Lyme disease, which can cause serious health issues in humans, including joint pain, fatigue, and neurological problems. Fleas can transmit diseases like typhus and cat scratch fever. By controlling these pests in your lawn, you significantly reduce the risk of these diseases affecting you, your family, and your pets.


In addition to putting your health at risk, fleas and ticks are simply pests. They bite, causing itching and discomfort. If your lawn is infested with these pests, you may find yourself unable to enjoy time outdoors without being bitten. Investing in flea and tick yard treatment ensures that your family and pets can enjoy your outdoor space without the constant annoyance of these pests.

Prevent Indoor Infestations

Fleas and ticks can easily hitch a ride on your clothes or your pet’s fur and find their way into your house. Once inside, they can be incredibly difficult to eliminate. By keeping your lawn free of fleas and ticks, you can help keep them out of your home as well.

Maintain Lawn Health

These pests can negatively affect the health of your grass and other plants. For example, fleas can cause damage to grass roots, leading to unsightly patches in your lawn. Make sure you keep your yard looking lush and colorful by scheduling routine flea treatment applications.

What to Do After Your Flea and Tick Yard Treatment

After our team has applied the flea and tick treatment, there are some steps you can take to maximize its effectiveness. These steps include:

  • Stay off the grass for at least an hour to ensure the treatment settles and dries.
  • Regularly mow your lawn to keep grasses short and less attractive to ticks.
  • Remove leaf piles and clear tall grasses where ticks may hide.
  • Keep your pets on a regular flea and tick control regimen to prevent them from bringing new pests into your yard.
For additional information on the prevention and danger of fleas and ticks, please visit the following informational sites:
$45.95Starting at
  • 4 applications throughout spring and summer months
$55.95Starting at
  • Monthly Applications beginning in April – October
Gold Estate
$99.95Starting at
  • Monthly Applications Beginning in April – October Includes monthly Mosquito Sprayings in conjunction

Keep Your Yard Tick and Flea-Free

Maintaining a pest-free environment is crucial for the health and happiness of your family and pets. At Lawn Specialties, we are committed to providing effective flea and tick control services in Hazleton, PA, and will make sure these pests don't ruin the joy of relaxing in your yard. Schedule a service today with our experts today and enjoy a pest-free lawn all season long.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a number of flea and tick control programs that offer options for treating your lawn four times throughout the spring and summer months and monthly applications from April through October.

Yes, all of our yard applications are formulated with pet-friendly ingredients.

While there are home remedies and over-the-counter products available, professional flea and tick control applications offer more effective and long-lasting results. Our team has the expertise to identify and treat infestations thoroughly and safely.

Untreated infestations can pose significant health risks to your family and pets, as fleas and ticks carry diseases such as Lyme disease and tapeworms. They can also cause discomfort and allergic reactions.

You should see a noticeable reduction in flea and tick populations within a few days after treatment. However, complete eradication may take longer, depending on the severity of the infestation.