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Does Your Lawn Look Stressed?

Weeds can germinate in stressed soil and lawns.

During periods of prolonged drought, lawns can exhibit visible signs of stress, with their once vibrant green color fading into shades of brown or yellow. The lack of rainfall not only deprives the soil of much-needed moisture but also disrupts its balance, creating an environment where weed seeds can easily germinate and compete with the struggling grass. Fortunately, the team at Lawn Specialties possess a range of effective solutions to alleviate these issues. Our team incorporates regenerative nutrients into the soil, which replenishes essential elements and will bolster your lawn’s resilience. By improving soil conditions and ensuring deeper root growth, Lawn Specialties provide a comprehensive approach to rejuvenate stressed lawns, ultimately leading to healthier and more vibrant outdoor spaces.

Give your lawn the necessary nutrients and protection it needs to stay healthy year-round.

This program consists of multiple fertilizations with the appropriate seasonal controls, crabgrass control in early spring, plus broad-leaf weed controls. 

Pre-Emergent Weed Control: Pre-emergent treatment targets the seedlings in your lawn that have not yet emerged.

Fertilization: Using a fertilizer that slowly releases nutrients over time will help your lawn thicken up and stay green.

Post-Emergent Weed Control: Our post-emergent treatment is designed to eliminate broadleaf weeds after they have germinated.

Liming: Adds necessary nutrients that are important in maintaining a lawn’s color and lushness.

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