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Bethlehem, PA

Lawn Care Services for Bethlehem, PA

The lush green lawns that grace the pages of your favorite home improvement websites and magazines are often the result of expert care and extensive time and attention. If you’re hoping your yard could look the same way, you’ll have to gently break the news to your neighbor’s kid and switch to the services offered by our professionals at Lawn Specialties.

We can help you achieve a vibrant and healthy lawn by precisely applying various treatments and taking a proactive approach to pest and disease management. Whether crabgrass is taking over your lawn or your trees are looking sickly, our experts can provide a solution that will revive your plant life and restore your property’s aesthetic appeal. Contact our team today to learn more about our affordable lawn care services in Bethlehem, PA!

Comprehensive Lawn Care Packages

Every landscape has its own set of challenges and requirements. That’s why we offer various packages to address the specific needs of each client. When you contact us for lawn care services in Bethlehem, PA, you will be able to choose from these three packages:

  • Standard Package: Our basic offering includes pre-emergent treatments to stop weeds before they start and balanced fertilizer applications to promote vigorous, healthy growth throughout the season. It also includes an application of winterizer and a lime treatment.
  • Premium Package: Building on the Standard package, the Premium option introduces insect control measures and additional applications of weed control and fertilizer, ensuring your lawn remains strong against common pests and looks beautiful season after season.
  • Gold Estate Package: As the best option for lawn maintenance, the Gold Estate package encompasses everything in the Premium package plus aeration and overseeding services to improve soil health and grass density. Soil sampling is also included to tailor our approach precisely to your lawn’s specific nutritional needs.
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Lawn Fertilization in Bethlehem, PA

In order to achieve a lush lawn, you must fertilize your lawn — and do it properly. Our lawn fertilization services in Bethlehem, PA, are customized to provide your grass with the essential nutrients it needs at key points throughout the growing season. This targeted approach ensures optimal growth and the robust health necessary to withstand stresses like drought and heavy foot traffic.

Weed Control in Bethlehem, PA

The bane of any property owner’s existene is weeds. You could keep up with your lawn mowing and watering schedule, but if you don’t deal with the pesky weeds at the roots, they will continue to spread throughout your property. If your once-beautiful lawn has succumbed to the effects of weeds, call on the professionals at our lawn care company. Our targeted weed control solutions in Bethlehem, PA, effectively eliminate invasive plants while preserving the health of your grass, leaving you with a weed-free lawn to enjoy.

Lime Treatments in Bethlehem, PA

Soil pH can significantly impact lawn health, affecting the grass’s ability to access nutrients and, ultimately, preventing or promoting grass growth. Our lawn services are designed to balance soil pH, creating an ideal environment for your lawn to thrive.

Lawn Pest Control in Bethlehem, PA

Just like weeds, insects can quickly wreak havoc on the health and appearance of your landscape. For this reason, you will need to invest in more than just lawn mowing and top-of-the-line irrigation systems; you will also require pest control strategies tailored to your property. Our lawn maintenance specialists will inspect your landscape and apply the necessary treatments to get rid of and control grubs, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Tree Care Services in Bethlehem, PA

In addition to our comprehensive lawn care services, we also provide expert tree care services in Bethlehem, PA, to keep your landscape looking its best. From treating diseases and insect infestations to promoting healthy growth and vitality, our tree care specialists have the knowledge and expertise to protect your trees and shrubs.

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When to Schedule Lawn Services for Your Property in Bethlehem, PA

How do you know when your yard needs the attention of a professional lawn care service company? Great question! We recommend giving our specialists a call if you notice any of the following problems:

An Abundance of Weeds

Weeds not only detract from the visual appeal of your lawn but also compete with grass for nutrients, water, and sunlight. If you notice dandelions, crabgrass, or other invasive plants taking over, let our lawn service experts know, and we’ll formulate a plan that controls the growth of weeds.

Uneven Growth

If patches of your lawn are growing faster than others, there may be an uneven distribution of nutrients or soil compaction. Lawn services such as aeration or fertilization may be necessary to promote growth in the bare spots.

Yellow or Brown Spots

Yellowing or discolored grass may indicate nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, fungal diseases, or watering problems. Lawn care companies like Lawn Specialties can identify the underlying cause and treat your lawn accordingly.

You’re Unsure of Your Lawn’s Needs

If you’re uncertain about what your lawn requires or how to address its issues, it’s wise to seek professional advice. Our lawn care services are customized to the unique needs of homeowners and property owners in Bethlehem, PA, and we can help promote the healthy growth of your lawn.

Get in Touch With Our Lawn Maintenance Company

Over the years, we’ve built up a reputation as a provider of the best lawn care services in Bethlehem, PA. Whether you're hoping to transform your property or simply want to maintain the landscape’s pristine appearance, our team can help you achieve your goals. Reach out today to learn more about our packages or request a consultation. We would be more than happy to tackle your lawn care work so you can enjoy a beautiful landscape without all the stress.